Consignment Terms

Consignments Accepted Monday - Friday

Terms Upon Consignment:

â–º 2nd Hand Treasures reserves the right to accept or decline any item brought in for consignment. (Items must be clean, in good condition and in-season.) Items not accepted for consignment will be returned at time of drop-off. Items left will
be donated.

â–º A one-time $5.00 processing fee will be charged to each new consignor.

â–ºPrices are set by 2nd Hand Treasures. (Occasionally, at our discretion, prices may be reduced.)

â–º Consignor receives 45% of selling price (less sales tax).

â–º A portion of 2nd Hand Treasures consignment sales will be contributed to local charities.

â–º Item(s) not sold within a period of 90 days: Consignor is responsible for picking up any unsold items (that they want back) PRIOR TO the date on this contract. Our computer system does not allow us to track the location of items on our sales floor; therefore consignors are responsible for locating their own items at the end of the consignment term. Items not picked up PRIOR TO DATE BELOW become the property of 2nd Hand Treasures.

â–º 2nd Hand Treasures is not responsible for broken, stolen or lost items. We do our utmost to ensure that your items are placed safely on our sales floor; however we cannot be responsible for accidental breakage or theft.

â–º Money due to consignor will be ready to pick up on or after the 5th of each month.

End of 90-Day Consignment Term*

* Unsold items become the property of 2nd Hand Treasures on this date.